Double Exposure Experiment

A few weekends ago I did a double exposure experiment with my LC-A. Here is what I did:-

1. I used 100ASA Revue slide film but set the ASA dial to 200 on the LC-A, thereby underexposing by one stop to account for the fact that the film would be exposed twice. 2. I loaded the film and with a “wax pencil” I drew a line on the film where it engaged the sprocket on the bottom. 3. After I shot the roll, I wound the film back but when I felt the film go loose, I stopped rewinding. 4. I reloaded the film trying to get the line I had drawn as close as I could to the sprocket again. 5. After running the film through for a second time I had it cross processed.

The frames from each pass didn’t line up exactly but they were close enough.

This is one of the photos I shot.

Heart in San Francisco and Santa Cruz Boardwalk