Olympus 35 RC

Olympus 35 RC I visited the San Jose Photo Fair for the first time today. I picked up this Olympus 35 RC rangefinder, two packs of expired Polaroid film and a lens cap (to fit the Olympus). If only I had a few thousand dollars in spare cash with me. Then I would have walked away with loads of Leicas and other expensive collectibles.

The 35 RC is from 1970 and has a fixed 42mm E. Zuiko f/2.8 lens. It has a Automatic Exposure mode which is shutter priority as well as full manual mode. There is a CdS light cell for metering but this only works in auto mode. So when shooting in manual mode, you need an alternative means of metering.

I have just loaded it with some Fuji Acros 100 so will take it for a test drive later today.