Picnik Fake HDR Effects

Picnik.com is an online photo editing website. You can upload the photos from your computer or pull them in from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket etc. The site is free to use but there is a "premium" version that costs $24.95 a year for some extra features. I had a quick browse this evening and was immediately drawn to "Create" section. Being a user of both Holga and LOMO cameras, I was very interested to see a "Lomo-ish" and "Holga-ish" button. It takes a lot of skill to create a good looking vignette and this programs fails at that (although the "Holga-ish" fakes didn't look too bad I suppose.)

However, I then noticed a "HDR-ish" button and said to myself "I have to give that a try".

Five seconds later after I bumped up "strength" to 600% I had the most hideous HDR photo imaginable.


OK, so it's not the most hideous HDR photo imaginable. There are way more hideous ones that this in Flickr Explore right now along with hundreds of views and loads of "Wow - awesome HDR" comments. But this one is pretty well up there in the hideousness scale.

Of course, this isn't real HDR. Even if I knew what I was doing, I couldn't create a real HDR photo using any tool. But based on what I see on Flickr, this effect seems to meet the requirements for what a lot of people think HDR is.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'll ever have the need to use Picnik but for people with no Photoshop or other editing software, this could be useful.