PolaPremium Update

So what we now know is that polapremium.com is run by unsaleable.com and will be a place to buy cameras  and accessories related to Polaroid. Nothing new about that. However, the exciting part is that it looks like unsaleable have struck a deal with Polaroid to make large quantities of film before the factories shut down in Mexico and Enschede in Holland. The following statement is from the Polanoid website.

We are very proud to inform you about the fact that we could persuade the Polaroid management to produce an outstanding amount of breathtaking film, before closing down their factories. Many of these films are completely new products, never produced before, high quality material, hand assembled during the last production runs in Mexico (last packfilm factory) as well as in Enschede (last integral film factory). All these film as well a a wide selection of Polaroid cameras, books and accessories will be presented and celebrated at www.polapremium.com, the new home of Instant Photography.

This is an exciting turn of events for people who's Polaroid film stocks are dwindling or have disappeared altogether.

My only fear is that when the site launches (in 547,954 seconds according to the website), there will be a rush on the film leaving those who are not online for the opening in the same boat they are now.

Maybe this is a time to go into the refrigerated storage business.

Time will tell so stay tuned.