The future of Polaroid (?)

The wait is over. Polapremium launched today with an assortment of Polaroid film types to satisfy every instant photography buff to their hearts content. eh.. wait...OK. That was what I was planning to write but to be honest, the actual launch of the site didn't live up to the hype. From what I can tell, Polarpremium is just a new name and web location for (that website now points you to Right now, the site appears to be selling the same stock that was available on the old site although there a few items that maybe are new stock (is the B&W 600 new to the site perhaps?).

There has been a lot of discussion about this on Flickr in the Polaroid and Polapremium groups with the general concesus being that people are dissappointed.

I'm pretty disappointed. It's just Unsaleable with a new face.

Next time, dont give us a countdown to nothing.

The people, who appear to have some connection with Polapremium, are saying that this is only the beginning but I have to admit as a beginning this was pretty lame. It's like Polapremium started their count down clock before they were ready. Before they got their hands on the "...completely new products, never produced before, high quality material, hand assembled during the last production runs in Mexico (last packfilm factory) as well as in Enschede (last integral film factory)." (see here).

I am willing to keep an open mind. Maybe Polapremium jumped their own gun and maybe there will be some big announcment soon that will live up to the hype.