JPG Magazine closes it's door

JPGMAGJPG Magazine has announced that they are closing down. In an email sent to members today, the magazine stated

"We've spent the last few months trying to make the business behind JPG sustain itself, and we've reached the end of the line."

Not only is the magazine shutting down but the website is also closing it's doors.

JPG was a magazine that was built using photographs and articles of it's members. After submitting photos and articles on various themes, members voted on their favorites. Based on the voting, editors made the final choice.

Last year, "Everywhere", a sister magazine from the same publishing house, 8020 Media, folded.

PDF versions of the magazine can be downloaded here until the site goes dark next week.

An email will be sent to subscribers of the print version next week.

Link (while it lasts):

Update: New York Times Article.

Update: Glimmer of hope? (Thanks Alan Cotter)