Ritz Camera To Close 300 Stores

Ritz CameraRitz Camera announced on Thursday that they will shut down 300 stores in the US. The closures will also include some Wolf Camera, Kits Cameras and a few other stores they own. This is all part of a bankruptcy reorganization. I never really liked Ritz. This dislike stems back to a time many years ago when I was developing some film that wouldn't be ready until the next day even though they were charging "one hour" prices. The name of this particular store was even "Ritz Camera Big Print One Hour".

Still, this is a sign of the times. Coupled with the recession and the abundance of Internet stores and "big box" stores, these small camera shops are finding it difficult to compete.

I came across another sign of the times today.  I visited my local camera store called The Kamera Korner looking for some of Kodak's new film,  Ektar 100, and was told that the store would be cutting back on the film they sell. Once the current stock is used up they will only carry some Tri-X. I also noticed that the chemicals shelf was empty so I will now need to find somewhere else to buy my Rodinal.