Olympus Pen Anniversary = A New DSLR?

A few days ago I wrote that Olympus is releasing a new Micro Four Thirds format DSLR camera and it is possible that it could have the retro styling as shown at Photokina last year. Well, Olympus now have a teaser campaign based on the 50th anniversary of the Olympus Pen camera.

Olympus Pen

Especially telling is the URL of the link above : products/dslr/special/pen50th/pen/ .


The next update is scheduled for May 26th.

Link: Olympus [via The Online Photographer]

Update May 26th : The update promised for today is a new video, this time for the Pen EE. Looks like the site will drag out the tease for a little longer. Next update is June 2nd but you can probably see a sneak preview of what will be featured next on the Pen History page.