International Film Buying Day

Over on Flickr right now, there is a new group promoting "International Film Buying Day" which states

I ask all who enjoy shooting on film to go out on the same day, October 1, and buy a roll (or rolls or sheets for that matter!) of film. I'm sure the sudden spike in film sales would be noticed and the industry will realise there is still quite a considerable sized market for film.

I appreciate the motives for such an endeavor but I wonder how effective this will be.

No business that wants to survive is going to heed any "spike in film sales" that occurs on one single day. I don't see suppliers investing in new capital equipment or raw materials or retailers increasing their stock orders and revising their sales projections based solely on the results of 1 day.

And this assumes that a spike will even be detected. Film suppliers typically do not sell directly to the public so any "spike" will be filtered out by the staggered resupply dates of the retailers.

What is needed is a positive trend of film sales over time which requires us to buy (and shoot) film continuously, not save up all our buying for a single day, once a year. I am sure the businesses would appreciate a more predictable customer base.

Every day should be International Film Buying Day so go now and buy some film and shoot some film.


Update 10/1/09 : Turns out I did buy film today. I bought some in anticipation of Toy Camera Day coming up in less than two weeks and actually forgot that Oct 1st was International Film Buying Day until I saw this post was read in my blog stats.