Fujifilm X-Pro1 Firmware Requests

Fujifilm if you are listening, here are a two problems that you may consider fixing in the next firmware upgrade for the X-Pro1.

1. Inconsistent ISO selection when using the function button.

I use the Fn button for ISO. If I am using the OVF, cycling the command dial changes the ISO after pressing the Fn button. But in EVF mode, the up down arrows change the ISO. Why is there a different selection method for each of the VF modes?

2. Inconsistent macro button functionality.

To put the lens into macro focus mode, you first have to press the macro button and then using menu on the back LCD screen, you select the flower icon and press OK. But to put the lens back into regular mode, the LCD screen remains blank. The same menu as before is this time displayed in the viewfinder only. This menu should be displayed on the same screen each time. (Preferably the back LCD).