Google Reader Shutting Down

A quick note to remind followers that Google Reader shuts down Monday July 1st. If you use Reader to flow this blog, I recommend Feedly (http://www.feedly.com/) as an alternative. They have great iOS and Android apps as well as an easy to use web interface.

Even better, you can import your Google Reader feeds now to make the transition seamless.

There are other reader alternatives out there so if there is one you like, mention it in the comments.


Movie-plot threat: The War on Photography

Found a link on Flickr to a very interesting article today by "security guru" Bruce Schneier called "The War on Photography". In it Schneier talks about how terrorists from Timothy McVeigh to the IRA to the 9/11 hijackers weren't known to photograph their targets yet there is now a culture where photographers are seen as a threat to world security. Schneier's conclusion is that the reason for this is "Because it's a movie-plot threat" that can be "vivid in our minds".

Read the article at http://www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2008/06/the_war_on_phot.html. The comments after the article are also worth checking out.

Are the Lomographic Society going digital?

I got an survey via e-mail yesterday from the Lomographic Society (LSI) called "Analogue versus Digital – Pre-Survey Brainstorm". In it LSI asked for what comes to mind when you hear the words "Analogue" and "Digital", positives and negatives for both but the last question asked what digital products should LSI get involved with. Apparently there will be some announcement at Photokina which will be in September this year.

Are LSI going digital?

Breaking Story (?)

The Daily Mail Newspaper online yesterday published a story about a photographer jumping between two outcrops at the Grand Canyon. What is unusual about this story is that it includes photographs that were posted to Flickr nearly two years ago by another photographer who caught the action with his camera. It should also been mentioned that while the feat is still dangerous it is not nearly as dangerous as it is described. You can read more about it here on snopes.com.