Analogue Rules

Over the past few weeks, in between my film shots, I have been posting a few iPhone photos from time to time. Since the apps I use try to mimic the look & feel of the Holga and Diana cameras I normally use, there may be some confusion over whether these uploads are film shots or not. In fact, recently someone contacted me about adding one of my photos to a Holga related blog only to realize later it was shot on an iPhone. So, from now on, I plan to only post photographs shot with my film cameras here on Blur Dot Blog. Since my mobile phone is always in my pocket I will continue to shoot photos with that camera so I have started a simple Tumblr blog for those shots.

The name of that blog is called Fonographs and it can be found here with the RSS feed here.

Thanks, Dave.

Photographing The Golden Gate Bridge

This morning I headed up to San Francisco to take some photographs of the Golden Gate bridge.  As you can see from these iPhone snapshots, I was using my Mamiya 645 1000s which I had loaded with Kodak Ektar 100. Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

The first place I visited was the Marin Headlands for the classic tourist shot with San Francisco in the background.

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

I then tried to head higher up into the Headlands but the road was closed for construction. I did take a few photos at the visitor center before heading back over the bridge to Fort Point.

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

If you have never been to Fort Point, it is highly recommended. It is great for taking the bridge from a viewpoint  that's a little different from most tourist shots.

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

The fort itself is also quite interesting inside with exhibitions on the history of the fort and life back when it was in use. And you can climb up to the roof where you can stand right under the bridge.

Photographing the Golden Gate Bridge

It will be a while before I get my Mamiya shots developed but when I do I will post some here (if they are any good)

WPTouch UI for Mobile Users

I recently enabled WPTouch to change the user interface for mobile users visiting using iPhones, Android phones, Palm Pre phones and other smart devices. Hopefully this will speed up the page loads for people checking the site on the go. How BlurDotBlog home page looks on the iPhone

WPTouch is a plugin from Brand New Code and is easy to install and use. Instead of being served the regular page, a stripped down page is shown. But just because it is stripped down doesn't mean there is a a loss of functionality. Users can still leave comments, navigate to other pages or jump to your Twitter feed.

How a blog post looks using WPTouch

If your site uses WPSuperCache there are a few things you will need to configure and there is help for that on the WPTouch website but other than that it works right out of the box.

You can get more information at the Brand New Code website http://www.bravenewcode.com/products/wptouch/