lake tahoe

Chocolate In The Snow

I tried out the Polaroid 100 Chocolate film this weekend in the snowy mountains around Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border. The 100 Chocolate film has an ISO rating of 80 so I set my Polaroid Automatic 230 to the 75 setting. The first few shots came out a little under exposed.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

I assume this is because the light meter was fooled by the very bright conditions due to the snow or water.

For the next batch, I moved the Lighten/Darken control a stop to the Lighten side and the shots were a little brighter.

Carry Chains

The Sierra Nevada

Snow in the Sierra Nevada

Even though the second batch are probably better exposed, I think I prefer the dark and moody under exposed shots.

The Chocolate film texture is a little different from other Polaroid film I have used. There is a noticeable pattern on the film that gives the photos an old-timey aged effect which I like.

Polaroid 100 Chocolate is one of the recently released films that came from the the last runs at the Polaroid factories and it is available exclusively at Polapremium.