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LOMO LC-A Book (Blatant Self Promotion)

My complimentary copy of the Lomographic Society's LOMO LC-A book arrived today and I have to say it is very impressive. It is huge with over 660 pages and more than 3000 photographs. I quickly browsed through it and found four of my photos included (although one of them is a small one on the back cover.)

The book is on sale for $100 and I have to admit it is probably worth it. A lot of work went into the production of the book.

LOMO LC-A Book (Blatant Self Promotion)

In the photograph here, the cityscape (bottom left) is mine (click through the photo to see the others).

Link: LOMO LC-A Book.

From The Flickr Archives : PCC Streamliner #1063

This one was taken a year ago in San Fransisco. The photo is one of an old street car. Streetcar #1063 to be exact. It originally served Philadelphia from 1948 to 1992 before moving to San Francisco to run on the Historic F-Line. PCC Streamliner #1063

Streetcar #1063 is actually currently painted in the color scheme of Baltimore streetcars. More from streetcar.org.