I Love Prints

Prints on a table I have been looking at these photos from my street photography collection for a while now but only ever viewed them on my computer screen. Last week I decided to upload a bunch of photos to and make some prints.

Presented here is a small sample of the 4x6s I got in the mail today (photo taken with my iPhone).

Even though these prints are small, there is definitely something special about holding a real photograph.

If you are interested in taking a closer look, you can see some of these photos on

Holga Prints For Sale

Recently I selected two of my Holga shots to sell as prints on Monorail

Seattle Center Art and Classic Car

There are a wide range of print options available including paper choice & frame type.

To test the quality I got these two photos printed on "premium photo glossy" paper and framed in a wide square black frame. The prints were 11" x 11" and the frames were about 18" square.  I was very impressed with the quality and both prints are now hanging in the hallway of my house.

Check out my gallery and come back often as I will be adding more photographs over time.