worldwide pinhole photography day

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day Is Coming

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2011 is April 24th. This year, because of Easter, the event has been expanded to include any pinhole photos taken between April 23rd and May 1st.

This year I plan to use this Mamiya 645 with a pinhole cap. I have some Ilford Pan F Plus 50 ready to load. This will be my first time using the pinhole cap on the Mamiya and also the first time I have shot Pan F but I am sure everything will work out.

By the way, the photo here was taking with my Daylab Polaroid pinhole camera.

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Tomorrow is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

I hope everyone is ready for Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. Even if you don't have a pinhole camera, you can make your pinhole cap for you digital SLR camera.


Just get a piece of a soda can and make an indentation with a pin (don't go all the way through the aluminum). Then using fine sand or glass paper, sand down until a tiny hole appears. Drill a hole in  SLR body cap and tape your pinhole to the cap.

Using this method you won't have the best pinhole in the world and it will probably be real blurry but it is very easy to do.


I will probably be using my Daylab 3x4 Polaroid pinhole camera.