Ready for the Zinkolution?

Got an email today from Polanoid.net, "the biggest, best and most instant online photo community ever" about Polaroid's new instant photo technology, Zink. The email states that Polanoid are testing Zink paper and are offering free 10 packs to 100 people who e-mail them with the best reasons why they should be "Zink Explorers". Not sure exactly how I feel about this. Polanoid has always been a refuge for old school Polaroid fanatics with no digital photography in sight. But I don't get the connection between Zink and Polaroid photography. I don't take Polaroids because they are instant. I take Polaroids because I like how the photos look. The Zink printer is just a printer after all. Just because the ink is in the paper doesn't make it that much different than a printer that uses ink cartridges. It is no substitute for Polaroid film just like a connected mobile phone is no substitute for an SX-70.

But I do understand that Polanoid, or more accurately, it's commercial counterpart, Unsaleable.com, have to stay in business and the way things are going one day there will be no more Polaroid film left for them to sell.

Of course, without a Zink printer, the packs of paper are useless so once Unsaleable start to sell printers, they will make their money back.

And this all poses an important question : So what will be the work flow for posting Zink photos to Polanoid.net?

Do I take the photo on my mobile phone, print it on my Zink, scan it into my computer and then post it to Polanoid or can I just upload it to Polanoid straight from the browser on my phone bypassing the whole messy printing/scanning part?

Read the Polanoid post here and see how you feel about it.