Save Polaroid

The photo and blurb below were submitted to the Flickr Save Polaroid group where each user post a of photo of themselves and a small note on what Polaroid means to them. Here is what I wrote:-

My earliest memories of Polaroid are of my uncle taking family photographs in Dublin, Ireland and then all of us waiting expectantly for it to develop as my uncle stood for a few minutes with the photo stuck under his arm.

Many, many years later I reconnected again with Polaroid photography after finding a Pronto! B in a local Goodwill store. A few days later I discovered two packs of expired 600 film and a small neutral density filter on the bargain table of local camera shop and I fell in love with Polaroid. My only lament is that I did not rediscover the joy that is instant photography sooner.

The uniqueness of each photograph, the distinctive colors of the print and the aroma of development are all part of the charm of Polaroid that will soon be lost forever.

And since I am now the owner of an Automatic 230, I now know that my uncle was using a cold clip to keep that Polaroid warm during development on those cold Irish days all those years ago.